Wytech was founded with a single focus of doing IT differently, by a team who are passionate about providing higher levels of customer service. We have been a trusted partner of choice across the Midlands and an integral part of our client’s teams for 16 years. We have grown year on year in a highly competitive market, consistently maintaining high levels of customer retention.

Experienced, friendly and responsive customer service has been – and remains – the primary business driver for Wytech. Our helpdesk is manned by qualified engineers, ensuring a prompt resolution to all support queries, ideally one-call to resolution. Our highly experienced operations team provide a keen problem-solving approach to any challenge.

The Wytech IT services portfolio offers businesses a complete external IT department that can be delivered at a significantly reduced cost when compared with internal IT, enabling our customers to grow rapidly. Our holistic and proactive approach to IT ensures our clients have stress-free IT support. All this combined puts the Wytech team head and shoulders above the competition.

In 2019, Wytech was named the Midlands’ top IT Services Provider by SME News. We are Cyber Essentials certified and a proud member of the Federation of Communications Services and Ombudsman Services.