Rainmakers Club is an innovative business set up by its founder Chris Batten, to provide a revolutionary new solution designed for the Start-Up, Micro and Small Business in recognition of their need for timely and cohesive support.

The Rainmakers Club offers its members unlimited advice and support, including coaching and educational programs for a simple low-cost monthly membership. The advice and support is underpinned by Partner Member experts and also the experiences and knowledge of the community who can Learn Share and Develop using the bespoke Rainmakers Platform, including mastermind groups, workshops and online education.

The focus of the Rainmakers Club is the creation of a scalable business capable of producing sustainable and exceptional results and the creation of a business that works for the owner rather than the owner having to work for it. We ensure entrepreneurs and enterprising people in business can operate using tried and tested Lean principles as well as helping with all aspects of business development, team building, leadership, strategy and much more. There is no doubt we are creating a revolution and one day all business support and advice services will work this way!