Everything’sreal Events operate as a mobile unit, providing Virtual Reality Experiences, Retro Arcade Machines and Interactive Games to the Wedding, Party and Corporate Event Sector.

Getting good players is easy, Getting them to play together is the hard part!

In today’s hectic working environment, it is important to have your employees happy and working together as a team.

Mental health wellbeing is now recognised as being an important part of employment. Achieving, therefore, a happy and relaxed ambience in the work place has become paramount to succeed as a company.

Good mental health at work and good management go hand in hand, and there is strong evidence that work places with high levels mental wellbeing are more productive.

Taking time away from the workplace, however, can be costly.

This is where Everything’sreal Events can help.

Our Hosts can set up a designated area within your work place, where your employees can be transported to a new and exciting virtual world. There they can take part in virtual  experiences, competitions and working together to solve puzzles and riddles.

Throughout the day a few of your employees at a time can be selected to visit the area to participate.

Unlike a team outing where some feel uncomfortable with attending, it is more likely that these employees will contribute in their workplace.

Our Virtual Hosts will encourage everybody to take part, with an aim to improve your company working atmosphere in an enjoyable way. This will subsequently create a more positive attitude from your employees in regard as to how they perform their day to day tasks.


If you are organising a Network Meeting it can be as structured or as casual as you want it to be, you just need to decide what will work best for your attendees. If the individuals are already familiar with one another, for example, getting together in the pub for a couple of beers might be sufficient to generate good chat, but if they are mostly new to each other, they may need more encouragement to mix and mingle.

Our Virtual Hosts will guide your attendees through competitions and group challenges that take place within the virtual world, while others can enjoy watching the action on an accompanying screen.

Our Hosts will encourage everybody to take part, as a result they quickly get to know each other.

Will they be able to walk a plank from a high rise building, sky dive, ride awesome roller coasters or take part in competitive games?

Its not all about work though, you may want to add something to enhance your Party Celebrations or include something new and different to keep your Wedding Guests entertained.

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P.S. We still have some dates available for Christmas Parties!

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