The Midlands Better Business Expo has now been postponed until the 10th November 2021. In light of the current situation surrounding Covid-19 we felt that this was the right decision to ensure the safety of all those involved. We hope to see you there! To book your ticket please click HERE

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Better Business Expo date: Wednesday 10th November 2021

Subscribal Print enables companies and charities to acquire a new HP Printer/Copier/Scanner MFP or Multi-Function Device on a monthly subscription basis, very much like a mobile phone tariff. This also includes a Next Business Day Onsite Service Contract, which is supported by HP’s nationwide network of engineers.

The subscription model is not new to most of us. Mobile phones and Satellite TV services have been supplied in this manner for more than 25 years. More recently we have seen music streaming services utilizing this model and even Microsoft have switched to a subscription model with Office 365 in recent years.

This eliminates the need to purchase equipment outright or commit to long-term leases, thereby removing the risk of punitive termination charges that have become the norm in the industry. This is particularly true of multi-year service contracts.

Using smart technology, your device will alert HP when you’re running low on ink or toner and will order new genuine HP cartridges automatically from HP before you run out. This saves you the time that it takes to find a number, make a phone call, listen to some lovely HOLD music... anyway you get the idea!

Here is the best bit though. Because HP are getting a 36 month commitment from you they are prepared to provide the on-site service and consumables at a heavily discounted rate. This allows us to wrap all of this into a simple, economical, monthly HP Print at Your Service payment, with prices starting at less than £20.00 per month.

Subscribal Print – The Benefits

  • No upfront investment required - This helps you to make your money work smarter. Enabling you to move these devices from Capital expenditure to Opex.
  • Save Time - Time is our most valuable commodity. Because the Subscribal Print model is fully automated it means that you and your staff have minimal interaction with the device.
  • Storage/Waste - Remove all of those expensive cartridges from your stationary cupboard. Saving money on those that go out of date or simply don’t get used before the device is changed.
  • No Compatible/Clone/Fake Cartridges - Eliminate the risk of somebody in the business buying non-original cartridges and the potential damage that these can cause to the device.
  • Service Engineer Visits - No more expensive service call outs when the image quality isn’t good enough, which can often be the result of not putting genuine manufacturers cartridges in the device.
  • Consistent monthly billing - You can confidently plan your budget over the course of your 36 month contract with no unexpected bills for expensive cartridges or repairs.
  • Reduce Costs - Colour Pages at the same price as Mono, so you can print a full colour photograph for the same price as a black and white compliment slip.
  • Greater Flexibility - Ability to change plans, up or down, or even terminate the contract on the anniversary.