The Midlands Better Business Expo has now been postponed until the 10th November 2021. In light of the current situation surrounding Covid-19 we felt that this was the right decision to ensure the safety of all those involved. We hope to see you there! To book your ticket please click HERE

The Better Business Expo
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Better Business Expo date: Wednesday 10th November 2021

The Commonwealth Business Club has been created to provide a business networking and trade development platform for small to medium sized businesses throughout the 53 countries of the Commonwealth of Nations. By delivering a "Free At The Point Of Access" business development platform our aim to facilitate and promote intra-commonwealth trade by way of shared advice, business networking and trade related events.

The Commonwealth already plays a major part in the world economy and our aim is to engage with the small to medium sized businesses across the Commonwealth and encourage them to commence trading with new partners in potentially the biggest identifiable marketplace in the world.

The founders of The Commonwealth Business Club recognise that the small, micro and medium sized businesses in the commonwealth needed realistic support to enable them to take a step into international trade. We provide our members with an online global business networking platform with the sole aim of stimulating trading opportunities throughout the Commonwealth.

We invite our members to a series of conferences and trade missions that will bring together small to medium sized businesses from throughout the Commonwealth to enable them to promote their products and services and forge exciting new trade opportunities.

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