The Better Business Expo
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Better Business Expo date: Wednesday 11th November 2020

I’m a sales geek and proud of it.

When asked what I do, I say “Salesman” then remember I founded XYZ Sales Consultancy.

I spend a lot of time explaining the difference between Sales & Marketing, what activity will make a difference to your business and fixing the many issues that could be hindering your sales process.

After 25 years in various sales roles I’m passionate about promoting the positive aspects of sales as a profession. We are not all pushy cold callers!

The businesses I help are concerned that the “sales machine” just isn’t working right, it needs to work faster or it needs to be more efficient.

I deliver XYZ Discovery Days to work out what’s going on. I advise on what to do to fix sales stuff, think interim Sales Director, or come in and fix it for you.

I tell it like it is, it’s not in your interest or mine to waste your time with, I also eat my dog food when it comes to process. I do what I tell you to do for myself, why wouldn’t I, it works.

My core values of Honesty, Loyalty and Integrity run deep, just ask my coach! As do Rule4 DBaD and Rule5 #JFDI.

I swear by the mantra that - Nothing happens until you have a conversation.

Basically, if it’s sales, I’m in.

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