Sponsorship opportunities are ten-a-penny today, with everything from sport’s teams to the sides of buildings available for you to put your branding on. But what about relevant sponsorship opportunities?

Often companies invest time and money in putting their name out there anywhere they can get it, without really exploring the impact their investment will actually have. Are any of your potential customers going to be watching your favourite local football team? Can you guarantee that the people you want to reach will really be impacted by that billboard? They may, however, be interested in seeing you at an event designed to showcase the best businesses, suppliers and solutions providers that the Midlands has to offer.

So, if you would like your brand to be seen by thousands of members of the Midlands’ flourishing business community then sponsoring the 2019 Midlands Better Business Expo could be the perfect opportunity for you!

You’ll be associated with one of the most exciting upcoming business events in the Midlands and be able to reach out to a community of driven SMEs all striving to learn more about the best solutions, products and service providers in the market today.

Guests at this incredible event, hosted by INICIO Media Group, will see your branding in all its glory and find out more about your business and services. They will forever associate your business with the friendly, fun atmosphere and vast opportunities that they enjoyed whilst perusing this diverse, SME-centred expo.

For you, this is a great opportunity to reach out to a diverse range of business owners and show them your skills and services. As a sponsor of one of the region’s top business events you are showing that you are committed to supporting your industry and the wider business community. You can also find out more about the latest industry trends yourself and get a sense of what your clients want from your business.

There are loads of sponsorship options for you to choose from, including putting your logo on our website right through to being centre-stage at our event and getting your branding seen by hundreds of guests as they listen to speakers, explore the event or just pass through on their way to even more learning and networking! Whatever you choose, you can be assured that your branding will be noticed by some of the Midlands’ best SMEs and the people driving them to success.

If all this sounds like an exciting opportunity, then you can download our sponsorship brochure HERE, or get in touch with our team HERE to find out more!