The Coven Girl Gang is a worldwide online membership platform for female founders and freelancers founded in June 2018 by Sapphire Bates. The Coven is part community, part business incubator and has a stronghold of close to 1,000 active members worldwide, from full-time females founders and business owners, freelancers and side hustlers, spanning over 30 industries.

It offers members a ton of online and virtual experiences in order to make them feel less alone on their journey. This includes a community to interact with other women, a book club, a directory searchable by location and industry, online workshops with business experts, workbooks, weekly personal emails sent by the founder, roundtables, think tanks and much more.

The Coven was created because Sapphire found launching her first business, The Flower Arranger to be an extremely lonely and isolating experience. She loved running a business but hadn’t been prepared for the isolation that it brought so she decided to create a platform that would bring people together no matter where they were in the world. They could live out in the sticks, in cities, by the sea, on the sea… as long they had an internet connection they could find a community where they felt accepted and supported.

The Coven works on a waitlist basis due to the high demand for membership and has over 2,800 people currently waiting to get in. We open our doors 4 times a year, the next opening is April 31st 2020.