Chris Batten entered the world of business after first completing 13 years in the Army which included six active service tours. By his own admission his first businesses were a car-crash, but he maintains this learning curve set him on a course of action that would see him become the CEO of an international business based in the UK and US.

His passion is writing with his latest book released at the end of 2019. Chris has come back to his roots and now runs an innovative subscription-based business education, advice and support club for Start-Up, Micro and Small businesses offering unlimited support and advice based in the model Learn, share and Develop for a simple monthly membership. He maintains one day all business support will work this way. In his spare time, he volunteers as a Helmsman for his local Lifeboat and is a trustee of the charity.

The Key To Success, Hidden In Plain Sight

  • There are many theories on what you need to create success, there are many techniques talked about for the production of exceptional and sustainable results. What few tell you is the real key to success, which eludes the many and is not spoken about by the few. It is the key to success in business and life and remains hidden in plain sight that will be unveiled for all to take advantage of in this entertaining and informative talk.

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