John is a Director and current Chairman of specialist SME Business Growth Consultants, Mistral Associates Limited.

John’s experience has included Executive Directorships of over half a dozen companies, three of which were Finance Directorships over a thirteen year period of significant engineering subsidiaries of the UK’s largest diversified industrial PLC. John has also been Managing Partner of a mixed professional practice of Chartered Company Secretaries and Chartered Management Accountants when in public practice. Previously, he was head of Group Purchasing within a major industrial group of companies before transferring to finance, and therefore also has a strong commercial background.

A Fellow of both the Institute of Chartered Company Secretaries and of the Chartered Management Institute, John is a Member of the Institute of Consulting and also holds a Master’s degree in Business.

In a rapidly changing and developing world, if SME businesses are to maintain their competitive position, they need to adapt and innovate to a greater or lesser extent. If they wish to improve their competitive advantage, they will also need to embrace the changes necessary to improve their competitive position, whilst remaining in full control of that process.

John has been active in both turnaround work and in managing significant change, whilst working very closely with SME boards to help them and their businesses survive, improve, and develop.


What Makes A Successful Bid For Funding?

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Capability
  • Market
  • Performance Monitoring