Having spent many years advising companies on best practice in workplace health and wellbeing, Kevin is an established figure in the Occupational Health (OH) sector and leads a multi-disciplinary team of OH specialists at Central Occupational Health.

Kevin spent his formative years in the British Army, travelling extensively and serving in many different military operations, including in Africa and the Middle East, whilst specialising in Arctic Warfare and Survival Training.

Leaving the Army in the mid 90's, Kevin went on to study and complete a degree in Chartered Physiotherapy, graduating at Sheffield Hallam University. As a Physiotherapist, Kevin worked in the NHS before moving into the private sector delivering MSK physiotherapy services and creating the Central Health brand.

With the Central Health private medical care brand thriving, Kevin then placed a focus on the corporate sector and the need to fulfil increasing workplace health and wellbeing demands to go on and establish Central Occupational Health.

Kevin has always been very keen on exercise and sport, and has represented the Army at Triathlon, was awarded ITV's Bodyheat Champion in 1996 and was even a Gladiator audition finalist in 1998. Kevin still competes in sport, and now in his early 50's is still extremely active on the local running and fitness scene.

Kevin is of course a big advocate of improving workplace health and wellbeing, and prides himself on Central Occupational Health delivering dynamic OH services that benefit businesses of all sizes and across all sectors.


Occupational Health: Where to Start

  • Engaging with an occupational health service provider can appear to be a daunting and complicated task at first
  • Find out where to get started and how to evaluate value for money and potential return on investment
  • Learn how to assess the individual needs of your business from both a legal and employee needs prospective
  • Discover how to effectively deploy occupational health services
  • Receive an overview of the key benefits improved employee wellbeing can bring to your business