Peter has led sales organisations and companies of all sizes in the UK, Europe and Asia including LEGO (UK and Northern European Sales Director), Manpower Group (Sales Director Europe, Middle East and Africa, MD Nordics Region) and WPP/Kantar (Asia Pacific). He has also consulted widely, drawing on his huge reserves of real-world experience to help business owners, management teams and investors accelerate profitable sales growth.

Many years of accountability for revenue and profit performance influence his approach to consulting: solutions must generate immediate and long-lasting growth.

Business owners employ Peter and his team to grow revenue and maximise the value of their company; investors, to achieve the best possible return on their investment.

More than thirty years of confronting business challenges has given Peter the deep foundations of resourcefulness, creativity, determination and optimism that mean he can find a way for clients to flourish even in the most challenging circumstances.

Peter is a member of Coventry University’s International Advisory Committee and active in community drama and music both on the stage and looking after the money as Treasurer. Coming from Manchester he’s an avid football supporter – but doesn’t like to talk about that too much at the moment.


Sales Strategies that Achieve Profitable Growth and Maximise your Company’s Value

  • Enhance your business' sales and marketing capabilites
  • Understand the channels and the customers that give you the best opportunities for growth
  • Proven strategies to increase revenue for your existing customers