Working across the UK, Richard Beaumont is an internationally renowned Procurement Consultant and Business Advisor with over 30 years’ experience across multiple industry sectors. Specialising in helping SMEs to reduce procurement spend, reduce supply chain risk and build innovation through great supplier relationships; Bromley Wood Associates will conduct a diagnostic of your business and then help you to achieve sustainable growth and profitability through transformed procurement.

After a career journey from Army Officer to MD to McKinsey Consultant to CPO, Richard realised that his passion was helping businesses to transform their procurement. His real excitement was found in helping SMEs, who lack resources and experience, to get the results that great procurement can achieve. To achieve this, Richard founded Bromley Wood Associates.

Bromley Wood Associates will conduct a free 5-day diagnostic of your company’s procurement spend & process. We will give you options that, if implemented, would reduce spend & risk and drive innovation. We then help you to implement these options and get results, whether that’s lower spend, finding alternative suppliers, implementing new procurement processes or technology. We’re so confident in achieving cost-reduction outcomes we often work on a results-based fee.

Having worked with many companies, in many sectors, we can understand you are different, but here's how we've seen it play out before. An MD thought his business was keeping spend as low as possible by sourcing plastic mouldings for alarm systems from China. Through our diagnostic and sourcing strategies, Bromley Wood Associates was able to reduce costs by 51% through a UK supplier that reduced lead time by weeks with improved quality.

Wherever you are on your journey, we can help you achieve sustainable growth through better procurement. Reach out today on +44 (0)333 733 1353 or [email protected] to see how we can take your business to the next level.


Procurement Diagnostic - It's not like going to the dentist

  • Why do we put off things that could do us good?
  • Why is procurement so hard to get right?
  • Is a procurement review the answer?
  • How does a diagnostic work?
  • What are the potential benefits?